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Cool Kids Programmes for Anxiety

Cool Kids Programmes

There are a range of different types of anxiety experienced by children and teenagers including finding it difficult to be away from parents, being extremely shy, worrying about what others think of them, avoiding social and school activities (e.g. speaking to people, class presentations) or worrying a lot about everyday matters, potential dangers and the future. Sleep difficulties, headaches, nausea and difficulty breathing can be part of these feelings. Many children experience more than one type of anxiety.

Capital Psychology run a range of skills-based programmes that teaches children and teenagers, and their parents how to better manage anxiety. 

Contact us to discuss whether your child/adolescent has anxiety and may benefit from the programme.

Cool Kids Anxiety Programme

A Cool Kids programme for ages 7 - 12, run over approximately 8-10 weeks, in a small, group-based session.

What we cover:

Learning about feelings and anxiety.
Learning to think realistically.
Parenting an anxious child.
Fighting fear by facing fear (stepladders).
Learning coping skills, such as building confidence or problem solving.

Targeting: all types of anxiety including general worry, separation anxiety, social anxiety, specific fears and panic.

What to expect:

In this programme parents and children work together to cover the above topics. Topics are tailored to the specific needs of the children in the session. Generally the sessions run for about 60 - 90 mins depending on the number of attendees and the age range. Within the session there is a mixture of parents working together with their child, and children and parents working separately with a psychologist. It is important for parents to attend these sessions with their child. Practice at home is also an important part of the programme and associated with better outcomes for the child. 

Fees: $978 including GST per term, covering one child and parents. Mandatory work-books will be provided at an additional one-off payment of $80.


Similar to Cool Kids, Chilled is the Cool Kids programme that caters for 12 - 17 year olds. Chilled offers a family based approach, that is skills-based.

What we cover:

Adolescents will learn how to better manage their anxiety, and their parents will learn how to be a "coach" for their teenager. 

Core skills include:
• how to identify anxious thoughts, feelings, and behaviours,
• discovering realistic thoughts and expectations (detective thinking), and,
• gradually building independence and confidence by facing fears (stepladders).
If needed, additional skills such as problem solving, social confidence and relaxation can be introduced to help manage difficult situations.

What to expect:

In this programme parents and adolescents work together in a group situation to cover the above topics. Topics are tailored to the specific needs of the teenagers in the session. Generally the sessions run for about 60 - 90 mins depending on the number of attendees. 

During each session, families practice skills using discussion, games, role play and real life situations. Practice tasks are a crucial part of the program and are given following every session. Practice tasks encourage use of new skills in everyday life. Some time is spent working together, some time is spent working separately with a psychologist. 

Parents are shown how to support their child in the use of their new skills and a section of the programme focuses specifically on parenting strategies that encourage children to self-manage anxiety. 

Fees: $978 including GST per term, covering one adolescent and parents. Mandatory work-books will be provided at an additional one-off payment of $80.

Cool Little Kids

Cool Little Kids is an early intervention parenting programme that aims to educate parents about how best to parent their anxious or extremely shy child to prevent future problems and enhance emotional wellbeing.

What to expect:

The Cool Little Kids Program is a 6-session group treatment programme for parents of children aged 3 - 6 years who exhibit excessive shyness or anxiety. The programme equips parents with both knowledge and practical skills and tips on how to help their child manage and overcome anxiety. The programme uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques to give parents effective tools and strategies to assist their child. Research from Macquarie University has revealed that participating in the Cool Little Kids parenting programme when a child is a preschooler can reduce the likelihood of a child developing an anxiety disorder in their teenage years. The program is held over a 6 - 8 week period, and is attended by a small number of families. 

Fees: $700 including GST per term.

Cool Kids in School

Capital Psychology is able to run Cool Kids within a school environment, for children and adolescents ages 7 - 17. Please contact Naomi if your school may be interested.

What to expect:

In School Program can be run in primary, intermediate or secondary schools. The programme will be tailored depending on the ages and specific needs of children (either Cool Kids or Chilled). Schools could expect:

  • 8 to 10 sessions, 50-60 minutes with students on a weekly basis

  • Two parent information sessions

  • One or two individual family consultations (online) throughout the program

  • Able to cater for up to 12 students in one session

  • Two programs available: Cool Kids (ages 7-11 years); Chilled (ages 12-17)

  • Run by two NZPB registered Educational Psychologists

We are able to tailor this programme to meet the needs of your school community. 

Fees: Please contact Capital Psychology.

Why Cool Kids?

  • 15 years + of treatment outcome research.
  • Cognitive behavioural skills-based approach.
  • Studies have shown that Cool Kids is highly effective in improving anxiety in children and adolescents, and that these results last (and in many cases improve), over time - Rapee, R.M. (2000). Group treatment of children with anxiety disorders: Outcome and predictors of treatment response. Australian Journal of Psychology, 52(3), 125-129.
  • While parent involvement does make a difference, particularly in children aged 7 - 10 years, the school-based child-only programme still gets great results. At the end of the programme both children and teachers report moderate or greater improvement in anxiety  - Barrett, P.M., Dadds, M.R., and Rapee, R.M. (1996). Family treatment of childhood anxiety: A controlled trial. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 64, 333-342; McLoone, J.K., Rapee, R.M. (2012) Comparison of an Anxiety Management Program for Children Implemented at Home and School: Lessons Learned. School Mental Health 4, 231–242.

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