Unfortunately due to high demand we are no longer accepting bookings for autism assessments in 2024. All other assessments and Cool Kids anxiety clinic are still taking bookings. 

Educational psychology services for children, teenagers and their families

Do you have concerns about your child’s learning, academic performance, behaviours, or social and emotional difficulties such as anxiety?

Our experienced Wellington-based psychologist team work with you to provide answers about your child’s intellectual and academic abilities, alongside evidence-based recommendations to support them to succeed. 

Key services

Capital Psychology offers a variety of learning assessments using a range of tools to better understand learning challenges faced by children and young people.

These may include difficulties with a specific academic area such as reading, writing or maths, or the areas of concern may be more general

Specific academic assessments can indicate a Specific Learning Disability / Disorder like dyslexia (difficulty with reading) or dyscalculia (maths). Assessment can also identify whether a child or young person is 'gifted and talented'.

We are experts in diagnosing:

  • Dyslexia

  • Dysgraphia  

  • Dyscalculia 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) (children and adult)

  • Other Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs)

  • Gifted and Talented

  • Intellectual Disability

Our psychological assessments are evidence-based and specific to the individual. We provide you with a comprehensive written report and recommendations.

Cool Kids Anxiety

Cool Kids is a structured 8-10-session programme run over a school term, that teaches children and their parents how to better manage a child’s anxiety. The programme is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), involves the participation of children and parents, and focuses on teaching practical skills. 

Topics covered in the programme include:

  • Learning about anxiety

  • Learning to think realistically

  • Parenting an anxious child

  • Facing fears using stepladders

  • Learning coping skills such as assertiveness or problem solving

The Cool Kids programme was developed by Macquarie University and has been running since 1993. The programme has undergone continual scientific evaluation and development to include the latest understanding of anxiety and its treatment. It has been translated into a number of languages and today, is used in clinics, schools and hospitals around the world.

We run Cool Kids in a small group, or school-based setting. Contact us to find out which option might suit you. 

Naomi Powell-Hector and Margaret Lucas are accredited by Macquarie University’s Centre for Emotional Health to use the Cool Kids program. The intellectual property rights, including copyright, in the Program are owned by Macquarie University. 
Macquarie University does not endorse any particular provider of the program and their other services.

What our clients say

"Hi Naomi and Marg,
Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how (child's name) has been getting on since completing the Cool Kids program.
We carried on doing the exercises, and we were able to get his teacher on board with some things at school too.  (Child) has done really well with it all. He's much more confident going into school, has walked home alone several times and is just more independent generally. 
This week he went off to his first school camp. I didn't go, so it was his first night away without us since we moved to NZ almost 5 years ago! He smashed it. He went off to camp quite happily, tried everything when he got there, and had a great time. 
So, THANK YOU for your amazing program! I think going to camp would have been stressful without all the skills he learnt and his improved confidence/independence. It's awesome. I'm so proud of him.
We'll keep doing some exercises. It's honestly kind of fun coming up with daft things to do! Also, now I've found out he can leave his comfort zone with only positive outcomes, it's really increased my own confidence and motivation to push him a bit.
I've been singing your praises to other parents and will continue to do so!
Thanks again" 

- Lee (Wellington), November 2023

"I highly recommend Naomi from Capital Psychology. Her gentle, personable and caring manner put my son at ease straight away, while her ability to rephrase complex concepts allowed me as a parent to understand immediately what was happening and how I could help.
Naomi is a gem!"  

- Kimberly (Paraparaumu), December 2021

"Cool Kids helped me learn a bunch of strategies to help with my fears, and now I feel much calmer."

- Child (age 10), December 2021


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